Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. CONSULTATION DRAFT 2023 - FOR COMMENT





Landowners and managers: follow best practice in managing and restoring their areas of blanket bog for biodiversity

Wildlife conservation bodies: give advice and provide practical support in management of blanket bog.

Natural England: gives advice on blanket bog management and prevents damage to blanket bog in considering change of use applications.

Moors for the Future: undertakes blanket bog restoration and provides guidance to land owners and managers

Peak District National Park and Barnsley Council as planning authorities: set conditions in relevant planning applications to ensure that the biodiversity value of blanket bog are maintained and enhanced.

Voluntary groups and volunteers:

Key objectives for blanket bog are to:

What is being done?

Proposed actions

Blanket bog plateau with trees in foreground

Marking Progress

Blanket bog with eroding peat

 Blanket Bog Actions