Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated October 2018

Parkland and Veteran Trees Conservation. With significant sites, there is a need for continued conservation in Barnsley

Factors causing loss or decline of parkland habitat

• Conversion of parkland habitat to other land uses such as arable fields, secondary woodland, amenity use, or for development

• Lack of younger generations of trees leads to breaks in continuity of deadwood habitat and loss of specialised dependent species.

• Neglect, and loss of expertise of traditional tree management skills (eg pollarding) leads to trees collapsing or being felled.

• Loss of veteran trees through disease, drought and storm damage, and competition for resources with surrounding younger trees.

• Removal of veteran trees and deadwood through perceptions of safety, tree hygiene and tidiness; for firewood, or through vandalism.

• Damage from soil compaction and changes to ground-water levels.

• Isolation and fragmentation of the remaining veteran trees and parkland sites in the landscape.

Legal protection

Inclusion in Historic England’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens is a material consideration for planning applications.

The presence of Veteran Trees is a material consideration in any planning application.

National planning policy NPPF Para 118, recognises Aged or Veteran trees as irreplaceable.

Natural England has Standing Advice on protecting Veteran Trees from development whether they are within parkland, or in other areas.

Some individual trees of groups are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.

Some veteran trees are located within Conservation Areas where work on any tree is subject to consultation with the local planning authority.

Local Wildlife Site status is a material consideration in planning applications.

Individual trees may have some protection if they contain bat roosts or hole-nesting birds.


Natural England: Standing Advice on  Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees

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Good management practice

Deer with mature and veteran trees in Stainborough parklandsFlowering plants in grassland at Wentworth Castle