Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated October 2018


Land owners and managers: follow best practice in managing their Wet Woodlands for wildlife; take up opportunities to restore or create Wet Woodlands where this does not damage other habitats.

Natural England: administers countryside stewardship grant schemes for woodland creation or improvement, tree health support, or for preparing a woodland management plan.

Forestry Commission:licenses felling and approves woodland management plans; provides guidelines and sets conditions to protect biodiversity.

Woodland Trust: offers advice.

Environment Agency has identified areas in which new woodland creation would reduce flood risk.

Barnsley Council as planning authority: sets conditions in relevant planning applications to ensure that the biodiversity value of woodlands are maintained and enhanced; issues Tree Preservation Orders where appropriate.

Voluntary groups and volunteers: help with woodland management and planting; help with information about the condition of woodlands and provide records of the wildlife in them.

Wet Woodland: Key objectives for biodiversity

What is being done

Proposed actions

Marking progress