Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated October 2018

Parkland and Veteran Trees: Key objectives


Landowners and managers: follow best practice in managing parklands to ensure that their biodiversity, cultural, and amenity value is maintained.

Similarly protect and conserve veteran trees, wherever they are.

Natural England / Historic England: give advice and provide grants for historic parklands.  

Barnsley Council as planning authority: sets conditions in relevant planning applications to ensure that the biodiversity and cultural value of parklands are maintained and enhanced.

It also issues Tree Preservation Orders and designates Conservation Areas which can protect parklands.

Voluntary groups and volunteers: help with parkland management and conservation.

Local groups and volunteers: help with information about parklands and veteran trees and provide wildlife records to the Record Centre.

The analysis of these records help with conservation. Sites can be suggested for designation as local wildlife sites and veteran trees for TPOs.

What is being done?

Proposed actions

Marking progress

Veteran hawthorn tree at Stainborough parklandGroupof trees in Stainborough parkland