Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated October 2018 Floodplain grazing marsh at Wombwell Ings header

Floodplain Grazing Marsh Sites are found in the floodplain areas of the rivers Dearne and Dove and some of their tributaries.

There at least 13 important sites of this type in Barnsley, all found in the Dearne Valley. The RSPB manage five of these important sites and the Garganey Trust manage another. Wombwell Ings is probably the most significant Floodplain Grazing Marsh in the Barnsley area.

Other sites include: Broomhill Flash, Park Hill Brickworks, Edderthorpe Ings, Wath Ings, Doveside, Carlton Marsh and Wilthorpe Marsh.

RSPB Old Moor includes new and modified areas of this type.

Local Wildlife Sites that include

Floodplain grazing marsh

25 Barnsley Canal / Wilthorpe Marsh

37 Gipsy Marsh

27 Carlton Marsh

36 Broomhill Flash & Wombwell Ings

38 Old Moor & Wath Ings

39 Bolton-on-Dearne wetland

The Barnsley criteria for selection of a local wildlife site due to its floodplain grazing marsh are that it should be ≥0.5ha in size and have 18 or more  species from a list of 90 grassland indicator plants including grasses and sedges.

However they may also be selected because of the fauna mainly overwintering and breeding wildflowl and waders that such grassland supports.

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Local Nature Reserves

Carlton Marsh

Managed as nature reserves

Gypsy Marsh (RSPB)

Carlton Marsh (BMBC/YWT)

Broom Hill Flash (Garganey Trust)

Wombwell Ings (RSPB)

Old Moor and Wath Ings (RSPB)

Adwick washlands (RSPB)

Edderthorpe Ings (RSPB)

Doveside (Garganey Trust/YWT)