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Landowners and tenants: seek the best results for wildlife by following best practice in managing standing water.

Also take up opportunities to create standing water habitats, including where this can help sustainable drainage and flood prevention.

The Environment Agency has identified areas in which new wetland creation would reduce flood risk.

Environment Agency, RSPB, Barnsley Council and others are working to improve wetlands and provide more seasonal standing water in the Dearne valley as flood defence.

A number of organisations including land fill bodies may offer grants for habitat improvement involving standing water.

Natural England funded pond creation and maintenance through Great Crested Newt District Level Licensing Scheme is undertaken by Wildscapes in South Yorkshire.

Barnsley council as planning authority:

Voluntary groups and volunteers:

Key objectives for biodiversity in standing water

Actions taken

Proposed actions

Athersley Memorial Pond

 Standing Water Actions

Marking Progress

Keepers pond, Stainborough ParklandPond at Royd Moor reservoir